Amash is the sole diety of Shegearth. The creator and curator of the world. Amash is not omnipotent and cannot influence the will of things already created. The world however by its nature as a creation shares to a degree the will of Amash. As the will of Amash changes so too in some capacity does the will of creation.

Six Faces

It is taught that Amash has six faces or aspects, one for each primal element, one of the cycle of creation, and one of pure goodness. Each of these faces having their own name and nature at once being both and still Amash.

The Seventh Face

There was time where for a short time, there was a seveth face of Amash. The face of evil, of everything foul. This face abhorhed the others and it was ripped from the face Amash, and throw under the world where it remains to this today, retaining its own twisted power of creation.

There was a time when Amash had only the first face, the cycle of creation. The elements arose from the need of Amash to create. As the world formed Amash changed to reflect this creation and four new faces of Amash emerged.


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