Four Legs, Two Arms, One Heart

Earnest, tenacious and creative, centaurs make for reliable allies and innovative problem-solvers. Their large size and unique anatomy can sometimes put them at odds with the members of other races that are unprepared or (less often), unwilling to accommodate their needs.

The equine portion a centaurs body is typically either tan or white, though shades of brown are fairly common as well. Their humanoid portion has much variation as any of bipedal races, though darker skin tones are somewhat more common.

Assured and Healthy

Centaurs also enjoy generally exceptional health and do not readily succumb to illness and while they do not live especially long lives, centaurs do not age beyond their prime. A centaur’s body never grows frail and their minds never cloud. A centaur lives knowing he will be as strong and energetic in his final year as in his 19th. To more limited extent this agelessness extends to their spirit as well as their body. While Centaurs mature and learn from experience just as others do, confidence and passion does not often fade with time the way it so commonly does among the other races.

Always with others

Of the common races Centaurs are by far the least populous of the common races and are also the most drawn to diversity. This means centaurs have no realms of their own, and exclusively centaur towns or villages are quite rare.

Reasons for Adventure

Centaur Traits

Ability Score Increases: Your Strength score increases by 2 and Charisma score increases by 1.
Age: Centaurs grow quickly reaching physical maturity by age 12 or so, however their minds mature at about the same rate (if not more slowly) than humans and are not considered adults until their early 20s. Centaurs rarely live past their late 50s,, however they do not feel the ravages of age as other races do remaining vigorous until their final days.
Size: Centaurs stand about 5 feet tall at the withers being seven and a half to eight feet tall overall and weighing anywhere from 750 to 1200 lbs. Your size is large,
Speed: Your base walking speed is 50 feet.

Stable You have advantage on saving throws to avoid being knocked prone or moved.
Earnest You have proficiency in the Persuasion skill.
Vigor: You have advantage on saving throws against diseases and damage resistance against necrotic damage.
Aptitude: You may select one additional skill proficiency from the list of skill proficiencies normally available to your class.

Note: Due to their usual anatomy a centaur’s AC while wearing armor is reduced by 1 unless they use similar armor for their equine half. If they wear magical armor, it imparts any special properties it has to the armor they wear on their equine portion as well


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