Cloth of the Theif


Armor Type: Light
Armor Class: 12 + Dexterity Modifier or 15
Weight: 2lbs
Needs Attunement?: Yes

This enchanted light armor appears to be normal clothing at first glance and provides protection equal to studded leather.

If the wearer’s AC would be less than 15 after considering all modifiers (including shields, items, and abilities) it becomes 15.

The inside of the garment is lined with 5 small pockets. Any item up to 1cu ft in volume, with sides no longer than about 1ft will shrink to fit in the pockets. The stored items are smaller but their weight is not reduced. Items stored in this fashion are always treated as having been hidden by a Sleight of Hand with a result of 12. Though if the wearer makes their own sleight of hand check they may use that result if it is higher, though the garment provides no particular bonus on such checks.

If the user is not attuned to this item it simply serves ordinary clothing, though the pockets remain well-made and items that can fit in them are still treated as hidden.

Cloth of the Theif

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