Hareforest Monastery

Located to the south of Richfield castle is the Hareforest Monastery or Hareforest Citadel as it is also commonly know. Lying within The Hareforest the Citadel is the remains of ancient castle that is used as spiritual retreat and training ground for many devoted warriors. Here they study philosophy, history and sacred texts as well as practice a variety of martial techniques both armed and unarmed. Through their intense training they harness spiritual energy and focus it with the mind, either through disciplined inner reflection or steadfast adherence to a philosophical ideal.

Paladins with the Hermit or Acolyte background from Hareforest monastery.

Note: On Shegearth characters represented by the Monk and Paladin are both simply seen as different varieties of the same family of spiritual warriors. Despite the divergent ways they manifest there is no distinction between the source of the monks “Ki” and paladins “Divine Power”. In both cases these are manipulations of the spiritual power inherent to the soul of a sapient being. Characters of the Monk class are those that use inward focus on the breadth of their learning to unlock the potential of their own body or the elements of creation. Characters of the Paladin class are those that use an outward focus on specific a specific philosophy to manifest spiritual powers that reflect it’s tenants.

These characters are almost universally come from monasteries that have grown out of a religious temple or another. In terms of perception both may be seen as Warrior Priests, or Fighting Monks, paladins specifically may in some circumstances thought of “Monk Knights”.

Hareforest Monastery

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