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Unexpected Troubles

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Covering 1st though 3rd levels “Unexpected Troubles” name is intended as a road test for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons (“D&D Next”). “Unexpected Troubles” is also designed as the first part of a larger story meaning the adventurer could be continued if players are enjoying the game sufficiently at the end of the run.



As summer ends and the first signs of a chilly autumn begin to appear, the kingdom of Kegate is poised for celebration. King Regal’s first child has been born and the grand ceremony of naming is to take place soon.

The Characters having all distinguished themselves in some way have earned the privilege of being Auxiliaries – distinguished servants of the crown drawn from all stations, tasked with assisting with whatever is needed for a particular royal project. When the time for the ceremony arrives those Auxiliaries that have most distinguished themselves will earn the position of Auxiliary Guard and will act as ceremonial escorts during the great procession.

Character Creation& Variant Rules

The Cast:

Centaur Bard: Name (Adam)
Human Fighter: Name (Player)
Race Class: Name (Player)
Race Class: Name (Player)

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