Water's Edge


Weapon Type: Shortsword
Weight: 4lbs
Requires Attunement?: Yes

A water’s Edge can have a maximum of 5 charges. Each day a user is attuned to it, it recovers 1d4-1 Charges (minimum 0). If a water’s edge is not attuned to a user, it loses 1 charge per day.

The user can spend charges on a Water’s Edge as follows:

  • Icy Blade (1 Charge ): The user adds their proficiency bonus to the next damage roll made this round with Water’s Edge. This damage is cold damage.
  • Rending Ocean (2 Charges): When an attack against an aquatic or water-aligned creature hits and the d20 result was within two of scoring a critical hit (typically a result of 18 or 19). They may spend 2 charges to cause that hit to become a critical hit.
  • ????? (? Charges): Some portion of this weapon’s power seems to be sealed.

(unless noted otherwise, each use is a bonus action and requires audibly calling out the name of the ability. )

Water Cutting

So long as water’s edge has at least 1 charge. It can “cut” water as though it can any solid surface. Water stops and flows around the cut as though hitting an impenetrable barrier. If the cut bridges surfaces that can also hold back water, the water is contained. For example, if a bottle is held upside down and the water is cut as it is coming out the neck the water will cease to flow.

The duration of this effect seems to depend on the volume and pressure of the water cut, as well as some intangible factor in the environment. A few gallons of still water can but cut for an hour, a lazy creek a minute or two, a great ocean wave for only a split second.

This has no effect on water this is a part of creatures, or is a creature.

Water's Edge

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